Making Light: Exploring Positivity in Illness and Anxiety

Michaela Hedges has struggled with anxiety her whole life, as well as a volatile health record. The two often exacerbate each other, and it can be both extremely confusing and debilitating.

Some days are filled with positivity, others with frightened teeth chattering in the doctors office. Some have both. In order to shed some light on and make sense of it's complexity, I started documenting her struggle. I tried to go beyond just taking pictures of smiles and frowns. I wanted my images, like her illness, to be more complex. I wanted to show how hope and positivity, as well as despair manifest themselves in different ways, sometimes even at the same time, much like the illness she struggles with. These photos are how I see her. As an individual that is filled with light despite her struggles. As a fighter. As someone who doesn't ignore what's going on, but fights it with the opposite spirit.

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